M³ Plan of Action


Current international events suggest that the U.S. is now on the threshold of a significant disruption to the domestic REE supply chain. Central to that crisis are heavy REE (“HREE”): materials indispensable to a host of American industries, including defense systems and artificial intelligence (“AI”). These are materials which Ucore’s Bokan Project has at the highest levels of concentration on U.S. soil 1 and prospectively available in the near term 2.

This unique combination, in concert with recent unprecedented U.S. Federal Government and State of Alaska critical minerals development support, have placed Ucore on a very short list of prospective U.S. government partners capable of alleviating this current U.S. crisis; and perhaps the sole proponent capable of doing so fully and completely on U.S. soil. Without this feature — a domestic mine-to-metal-to-market capability within American borders — the U.S. cannot claim to be independent in any true sense.

Join us in this unique opportunity to establish American HREE independence, in the near term, with Ucore’s M3 Initiative.”

Jim McKenzie, President & CEO

1 https://ucore.com/ucore-increases-resource-at-bokan-dotson-ridge
2 The Company is commencing engineering and permitting required to prepare the Bokan HREE Project for construction (i.e. “Shovel Ready” status). https://ucore.com/ucore-announces-m3-plan-of-action-for-independent-u-s-hree-supply-chain

For more information on Ucore’s M3 Plan of Action and the Company’s vision for American HREE Independence:

M3 Plan of Action:

1.   The VisionSeptember 4, 2019 – McKenzie Provides Strategic Update to Ucore Shareholders

2.   The PlanSeptember 10, 2019 – Ucore Announces M3 Plan of Action for Independent U.S. HREE Supply Chain

3.   The Initial FundingSeptember 10, 2019 – Ucore Announces Rights Offering (ucore.com/RightsOffering)

The Execution

4.   September 23, 2019 – Ucore Updates on M³ Plan of Action:Co-Products & Permitting

5.   October 15, 2019Ucore Increases Bokan Mineral Resource with Critical Co-Products

6.   October 17, 2019Ucore Updates on M³ Plan of Action & RO Funding Participation

7.   October 22, 2019Ucore Announces Team for Heavy REE SX Plant Design & U.S. Federal Funding

8.   December 23, 2019 – Ucore Teams with Materion on American Heavy REE Production Bid

9.   February 6, 2020 – Ucore Initiates Updated Mill Flowsheet Design for Bokan Heavy REE Project

10.  February 10, 2020 – AIDEA Bolsters Support for Heavy REE Separation Plant & Renews Commitment to Ucore’s Bokan Heavy REE Project 

11.   February 14, 2020 – Ucore Announces Technical Services Agreement with Innovation Metals Corp. for RapidSX™ Rare Earth Element Separation Technology Testing

Corporate Presentation

M³ Plan of Action (PDF)