Louisiana Strategic Metals Complex:
Ucore's first Rare Earth Production Facility in Alexandria, Louisiana

Ucore has selected an 80,800 square-foot brownfield facility within the England Airpark in Alexandria, Louisiana as the site for its first Strategic Metals Complex dedicated to rare earth element (REE) separation and oxide production.

This facility will be commissioned in stages, with production scaling up from 2,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) in Q1-2025 to 5,000 tpa in 2026 and a further potential increase to 7,500 tpa  in 2027.

The state of Louisiana has outlined an incentive scheme valued at US$15 million, inclusive of a US$900,000 grant for infrastructure enhancements. Additionally, the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority (GAEDEA) has committed to a grant of US$360,000 to alleviate facility costs for the initial two years.

The project is anticipated to generate 100 family-wage jobs in Central Louisiana. The initiative has garnered support from Louisiana’s State and Federal Elected Officials, emphasizing its significance in the shift towards cleaner energy and its potential impact on the global supply chain. The Louisiana SMC is  part of Ucore’s broader strategy to establish a critical metals supply chain in North America, crucial for the evolving manufacturing landscape.

Strategic Metals Complex

Strategic Metals Complex

The Louisiana Strategic Metals Complex (LSMC) is Ucore Rare Metals Inc.'s designated 80,800 square-foot facility in Alexandria's England Airpark, aimed at rare earth element separation and oxide production, bolstered by increased state support and incentives.