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RapidSX is a transformative rare earth element separation technology. It is patent-pending and uses the same proven chemistry as solvent extraction, but with a computerized column system that replaces power-intensive and cumbersome mixer-settler tanks. The columns utilize up to 70% less floor space, significantly reducing CAPEX. Three years of proving out and independent evaluation have shown a 3 to 7 times increase in throughput, resulting in significantly reduced OPEX. It is scalable, modular, and adaptable to different feedstocks and is being readied for commercial deployment.

The Louisiana Strategic Metals Complex is a facility owned by Ucore aimed at deploying its RapidSX™ rare earth element separation technology. The facility is planned to initially process 2,000 tonnes of total rare earth oxides (TREOs) by the end of 2024, scaling up to 5,000 tonnes by 2026. It will be capable of processing various types of rare earth elements and aims to establish a cornerstone for the growing rare earth industry in North America.

Ucore’s Bokan Mountain project in Southeast Alaska is focused on the extraction of rare earth elements. The project has undergone extensive drilling and geological studies, with over $35 million invested in exploration. It has received authorized bond financing of $145 million from the State of Alaska for infrastructure and construction. The project is considered to have the highest grade of heavy rare earth elements (HREE) in the U.S.

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A North American “First Mover” with a Strategy to De-Risk Rare Earth Supply

  • Operating a Commercial Demonstration LREE & HREE Separation and OEM Product Qualification Plant (The Only HREE Processing Plant in North America)
  • Deploying Next-Generation RapidSX™ Critical Metals Separation Technology
  • Aligning Numerous and Geographically Diverse US -Friendly Feedstock Sources
  • Establishing North America’s First Modern LREE & HREE Commercial Separation Facility in Louisiana (Only a 6X Technology Scale -Up)
  • Engaging other Jurisdictions for Multiple LREE & HREE Commercial Separation Facilities Over the Next 2 – 5 years

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