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Ucore Uranium Awarded 2009 Mineral Research Grant

(Halifax, N.S., May 27, 2009) Ucore Uranium Inc. (TSX-V:UCU) is pleased to announce that the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a division of the US federal government, has awarded a 2009 Mineral Research Grant for the investigation of  mineralization at Bokan Mountain, Alaska. The focus of the studies will be the uranium and rare earth deposits within the Bokan Mountain Granite complex, and will be conducted by a group of researchers from four Canadian universities, lead by Dr. Jaroslav Dostal of Department of Geology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This research is expected to provide further insight into the geological processes which led to deposit formation, while characterizing the granite complex which hosts the deposit at Bokan. In particular, the project will aim to define the various types of mineralization, decipher the nature and origin of the U and REE mineralization, document the petrographic features and the chemical nature of the host peralkaline rocks, and supplement data as to their origin and tectonic settings. The study may also establish geochemical parameters to help distinguish ore-bearing from barren peralkaline granitic complexes.
“This research project represents a substantial financial commitment on the part of the USGS to the greater understanding the Bokan Mountain complex”, said Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore Uranium. “It will undoubtedly raise international academic awareness of the site, and add greatly to our own understanding of what we have. Ucore will be providing extensive logistic support as the project moves ahead.”
The USGS is a scientific agency of the US government, and is a bureau of the US Department of the Interior. The Mineral Resources External Research Program supports research projects which will assist in securing a sustainable supply of minerals for the future, while delivering mineral information of critical importance to national security.
Background and Compliance
Ucore Uranium Inc. is a junior exploration company focused on establishing uranium and associated resources through exploration and property acquisition. With more than ten projects, Ucore’s primary focus is the Bokan Mountain uranium and rare earth element property in southeast Alaska. Ucore owns a 100% interest in 512 Federal lode mining claims at Bokan, subject to NSR’s ranging from 1% to 4% payable on less than 20% of the total mineral claims.
For further information, please contact Mr. Jim McKenzie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ucore Uranium Inc. at: (902) 482-5214.