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Ucore Releases Independent Rare Earth Mineralogical Studies

(Halifax, N.S., April 8, 2009) Ucore Uranium Inc. (TSX-V: UCU) is pleased to report the results of mineralogical studies of uranium and rare earth element (“REE”) mineralization from the Bokan Mountain, Alaska and Lost Pond, Newfoundland properties. The detailed studies, completed by SGS Lakefield Research Limited, were commissioned to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the mineralogy and liberation characteristics of the rare earth minerals at each property.
The studies were conducted at the SGS Lakefield facility in Lakefield, Ontario, with supplementary processes undertaken at McGill University in Montreal and Laval University in Quebec. The McGill studies were supported by Quantitative Evaluation of Materials by Scanning Electron Microscopy technology (QEMSCANTM).
Core samples were obtained from Ucore’s 2007 drill programs at Bokan Mountain and Lost Pond. Three samples from each property were selected and analyzed for metal content by XRF for major elements and ICP and ICP-MS for REE’s.  The crushed and pulverized material was separated into -600/+150 μm, -150/+75 μm, -75/+25 μm, and -25 μm size fractions. Polished sections were prepared and analyzed by dispersive X-ray chemistry to determine mineralogy, mineral concentrations, mineral sizes, and liberation characteristics. The Lost Pond samples included a 5.64 meter composite, and are considered to be an approximation of the overall mineralization. The Bokan samples were extracted from early stage drilling of high grade uranium bearing core at the I&L zone, and additional wide area sampling will be required to determine mineralization characteristics along the entire rare earth bearing strike length.
The three Bokan Mountain samples assayed 1,700 to 20,000 ppm U (0.2 to 2.3% U3O8) and averaged 0.13% light rare earth oxides, 0.27% heavy rare earth oxides, and 1.27% yttrium oxide (total of 1.67% rare earth oxides). Mineralogical testing identified coffinite and uranoan thorite as the dominant uranium-bearing minerals, and tombarthite, limoriite, synchisite, and bastnaesite as the dominant REE-bearing minerals. Liberation of the rare earth minerals ranged from 49 to 83% at -30 μm.
At Lost Pond, the mineralogical work identified monazite, allanite, and apatite in the samples which averaged 5.6% light rare earth oxides, 0.31% heavy rare earth oxides, and 0.27% yttrium oxide (total of 6.18% rare earth oxides). The monazite contained 74% to 90% rare earth oxide (REO) and its liberation varied between 80% and 95% at a grind between 25 to 80 μm. The allanite contained the bulk of the remaining REO (10% to 20%) and its liberation was approximately 60% at -30 μm.
“Liberation analysis is an important facet in the study of REE production feasibility,” said Jim McKenzie, President and CEO of Ucore Uranium. “These mineralogy studies reaffirm two prior USGS reports which indicate the potential for high REO liberation counts at Bokan. What’s more, the results for Lost Pond, as a new rare earth discovery, are highly encouraging. Together, the studies add to our growing understanding of Lost Pond REE mineralogy and Bokan’s viability as a multi-metal deposit. They also supplement our growing mineralogy database at Bokan, an area already well documented for REE potential.”
Background and Compliance
Ucore Uranium Inc. is a junior exploration company focused on establishing uranium and associated resources through exploration and property acquisition. With more than ten projects, Ucore’s primary focus is the Bokan Mountain uranium and rare earth element property in southeast Alaska. Ucore owns a 100% interest in 512 Federal lode mining claims at Bokan, subject to NSR’s ranging from 1% to 4% payable on less than 20% of the total mineral claims. Ucore’s Lost Pond Property is located in western Newfoundland, where Monroe Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: MMX) is earning a 50% interest by spending $2,600,000 in exploration and paying to Ucore 3,000,000 Monroe shares. The qualified person responsible for ensuring that the contents of this press release are an accurate summary of the SGS Lakefield report is Harmen Keyser, P.Geol. (NWT), Ucore’s Vice President of Project Development. For more information, please visit our website: .