Supply Chain

Domestic Supply Chain Strategy For Critical Minerals

The world is changing in Ucore’s favour… at an unprecedented pace. The global economic pendulum has shifted back to local economies and local supply chain sustainability.

Supply chains for critical minerals are in chaos. The Chinese have, through their own aspirations, developed an economic plan that controls the global critical mineral supply chain within Chinese borders and now… ‘metals are the new oil’.

Everything that’s needed globally for sustainable power generation, storage, distribution and light-weighting… it all relies upon these critical metals, not the least of which are the rare earths. The Chinese have had their way securing access to these assets in their own jurisdiction. We need to change that.

The U.S. currently imports 80% of rare earth products that are used for everything from surgical supplies, defense systems and gadgets to the electric vehicles and wind turbines that drive the green economy. 80% are being imported from China. China’s aggressive economic practices have forced a situation on global manufacturers whereby suppliers are forced to set up in China if they want to have access to these rare earth elements.

There is now a race for North American independence. The winners will deliver a plan that is quick to market, sustainable and commercially viable.

A Leader in the
Electrification Transformation

Ucore Plan

Our vision at Ucore has always been to develop an independent and profitable, critical mineral (rare earth) supply chain, in the shortest time possible.

First guiding principle:

Secure and sustainable supply of all rare earth metals. The primary source for our supply will be from any and all allied country’s outside of Chinese control. Currently the only heavy rare earths, including the magnet metals, dysprosium and terbium, separated and purified on the globe today, are in China. Most of those metals are imported to China as concentrates and separated at Chinese processors.

Second guiding principle:

Discreet and scalable separation technology, means a process that’s green, that’s efficient, and can compete with Chinese products on quality, consistency and price.

Third Guiding Principal:

Stem-to-stern, the complete supply chain, upstream and downstream must be independent to make our business plan work for the North American industrial and military complex.

Separation Technology

Ucore’s 5 Point Solution to Break free of Chinese Dominance:

  1. Alaska SMC: Strategic Metals Complex: Using U.S. allied feedstocks Ucore will build Alaska SMC and import allied mixed chemical REO concentrates for separation to highly pure individual oxides for North American metal and alloy manufacturers. It will be the first phase of a longer-term project developed in the South East Alaska jurisdiction which is home to our flagship resource at Bokan-Dotson Ridge.
  1. Bokan-Dotson Ridge: Ucore’s NI 43-101 compliant heavy rare earth resource is the highest-graded heavy rare earth deposit on U.S. soil. This resource supports long-term development and security of the North American rare earth oxide supply.
  1. Innovation Metals Corp: The proprietary rapid-solvent extraction technology ‘RapidSX’ is not only scalable but it supports sustainable environmental principals while remaining very cost-effective. ‘RapidSX’ is proven through lab scale and pilot scale testing; and is currently working through independent commercial / economic development assessments. RapisSX will be key to our future as we look at all elements of our business plan.
  1. RapidSX Licensing model: This model will be a very effective way to generate revenue for Ucore, for IMC and for our shareholders. It’s a cash-flow issue, which is perfect. Cash-flow is a good issue, which is perfect.
  2. RapidSX ancillary critical metals processing: The ability to deploy RapidSX for other critical metals. With the growing global requirement for Lithium-ion batteries demand for the green processing of critical metals like lithium, cobalt and nickel can be part of our business plan going forward.

Strategic Metals Complex (SMC)

Ucore’s growth has many dimensions focused on near-term cash-flow from providing critical metals to North America.

We trust our longstanding shareholders. We look to deliver beyond their expectations.

Integrity means you don’t do what’s convenient, you do what’s right. When you do what’s right you’re creating a balance between what’s essential and what’s responsible

Our ability to deliver on Ucore’s five-point plan have never been better.