Ray Mountains


The Ray Mountains region of central Alaska features an extensive sheet of alluvial sediments locally 100 m (325 ft) thick. The alluvial deposits, containing widespread concentrations of REE, Sn, W, Zr ± Nb, Ta heavy minerals, are primarily derived from granitic source rock of the Ruby Batholith, and they are most abundant in the lower elevation terrain between the Ray Mountains and the northern Fort Hamlin Hills.

Through a wholly owned operating subsidiary, Ucore holds claims on land selected for its mineral resource potential by the State of Alaska as part of the state’s land entitlement under the 1958 Alaska Statehood Act. Ucore is planning expanded exploration once title transfer is tentatively approved by the federal government.

The Ray Mountain area is accessed by the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks and barge service is seasonally available along the Yukon River connecting directly to the Alaska Railroad freight yard at Nenana.

Ruby Batholith Alluvial Samples (Excel .xls format)

Map of central Alaska showing the occurrences of the Ruby batholith (red) and the project area (yellow; UCU land holdings).
Inset map of Alaska shows the location of the company’s property (“Project Area”).