Ketchikan, Alaska

Business Model

The ALASKA2023 plan is our definitive yet always evolving and improving three-year plan consisting of very explicit and interrelated goals that drive Ucore’s day-to-day decisions based on the following salient objectives:

  1. Continue to work with AIDEA towards Alaska SMC and Bokan funding.
  2. Continue to work with the Alaska Congressional Delegation in pursuit of US government support.
  3. Continue to strengthen our relationships with the communities of SE Alaska.
  4. Continue to support IMC for the commercial development and licensing of its RapidSX technology.
  5. Continue business and engineering development efforts towards the construction of the Alaska SMC by 2023.
  6. Continue to pursue downstream REE metal, alloy and magnet maker strategic relationships.
  7. Continue with exploration, engineering and business development work for the Bokan Project in preparation for a planned feasibility study.
  8. Continue with the exploration of Ucore’s other REE mineral property in Alaska, the Ray Mountains Project.
  9. Continue the coordination of cross-company efforts with IMC and Ucore’s evolving strategic development partners towards a complementary LREE SMC in the Continental US.

With the Ultimate Goal of Fostering an Independent American REE Supply Chain

Comprised of three primary initiatives:


Securing a US-allied REE feedstock source and in parallel, continuing to advance the prospective HREE mine at the Bokan Project toward a feasibility study and permitting;


Developing the Alaska SMC HREE & LREE separation plant in Southeast Alaska through the wholly owned subsidiary Alaska SMC, LLC, utilizing IMC’s patent-pending and proprietary RapidSX critical metals separation technology platform;


North American market development and cultivation of the tiered supplier and customer base for REE products in the Western World, disrupting China’s dominance.

The Alaska Strategic Metals Complex (SMC)

Artist Rendering

Alaska Strategic Metals Complex (SMC)

A Planned 2,000 TPA HREE & LREE Separation & Purification Facility for the Production of REO

  • The first constructed component of the Bokan Project
  • Initially designed for currently available US-allied feedstock
  • Expandable capacity to at least 5,000 tpa of feedstock throughput
  • The processing plant will incorporate the RapidSX separation technology platform
  • Within a 50-mile radius (the IRS ‘Mining’ Limit) of Bokan – likely within the Ketchikan Gateway Borough
    • Located on a worldwide shipping corridor
    • Closest Alaska port to Seattle and Prince Rupert
    • Capitalize on an industrious work force  & existing infrastructure (i.e. ports, roadways, water, electrical, broadband, etc.)

US or Allied Feedstock will Transit Through Seattle or Prince Rupert